Thursday, October 28, 2010

A bit of an aside...

Okay, so I'm watching the Suns game. I like this team so far. I've been a supporter of them since before the season, telling people they'd be better than everyone thought. Aside from the last 5 minutes of the first game, they look really good so far. I think the new additions match the style of the team. Also, they seem to be having fun still, which is key.

Also, Dragic looks like he might be even better than last year. Amazing. Simply amazing. Very optimistic.

A toast of 4-Lok to the Suns.

Does anyone else thing the brunette girl in the state farm commercial that call for the guy with a "dangerous side" is just filthy hot? This isn't the booze talking. Honestly. I think this sober as well. Now, when I start saying that Christine O'Donnell looks cute, it's time to cut me the fuck off. Or just shoot me. Really, I can't go on living at that point.

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