Thursday, October 28, 2010


Welcome to game night everyone. This is the Tostitos Fed Ex UPS Budweiser Pink Taco pre-game show. We're coming to you live from south Tucson we're we are anxiously awaiting the start of what promises to be a gruesome blogging experience.

*turns to a second, close up camera* I'd like to take this second to advise everyone of the dangers of underage drinking. Remember, alcohol abuse by those under 21 is a serious issue in our high schools. Kids have to be taught to be responsible. Have a serious discussion with your kids about the dangers of drinking. At least until they turn 21. Once you turn 21, it's aaaaaaaaaall good. Oh and buzzed driving is drunk driving but way, way more awesome.

*turns back* Okay now that that is out of the way, let's discuss the pregame preparations. I'm warming up by getting a nice base of food going. I've got some rotisserie chicken, honey dew melon and jalapeno kettle chips. I'd debated doing this on a near empty stomach to enhance the effect but decided against it for a few reasons. First, I'm hungry. Second, I wanted a good base in order to see if I can go for a double header tonight. Third, this could be my last meal. If someone wants to bring by a lobster, you know, I won't stop you.

Alright, gonna start chowing. Will be back with an update shortly. Shooting for first sip at around 10:30 EST, 7:30 pacific. In the meantime, here is a word from our sponsor, Vagisil.

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