Friday, October 29, 2010

No funny title...

Still swinging. Okay, going to try giving some real time commentary...

Getting drunker. And cotton mouth. Need more booze. This definitely kicks different than any other booze and different than even Red Bull and vodka. I've done the Red Bull and vodka. First, fuck Red Bull. Red bull gives you wings. But those wings are made of vinegar, cheap artificial sweetener and year old Robitussin. Anyway, different experience. Mostly drunk with some mild shaking.

This is like... it starts as a gentle buzz, goes to a sharp caffeine rush, slips back to a gentle buzz. Then levels out as a mild, continuous foggy hyperactivity. Then that fades a bit to a normal drunkeness.

Then the roller coaster drops off the top. WOOOOOOOOOO. Then there is a loop-de-loop. Then a corkscrew. Woooooo!

I'm a fan, is what I'm saying.

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