Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well into the first half...

Starting to feel the effects. Sort of interesting. Hardly overpowering. I don't feel sick or blacking out or anything yet. But it does have a strange feel. I'm starting to feel a little bit of a buzz. Woozy, world is a tad bit foggier. Etc. But I also do fee the energy drink part of it a little. It's hardly feels like speed, but it is pepping up the drag a bit. Fun combination so far, actually. Not entirely unpleasant.

Also, its tasting a hell of a lot better. The scary part is that I haven't drank enough for the alcohol to be numbing my taste buds, which means 4-Lok has either permanently killed them or else I'm actually developing a taste for it. Not sure which option is more terrifying. Either way, I think this has already changed me forever.

Hakeem Warrick also looks fucking awesome... again, not the Four Loko talking. Yet.

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