Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Tinge of Consciousness

I will say this. Despite how unpleasant the chugging was, I was sort of amazed at how EASY it was. I can see where the problem with this drink lies. It really doesn't KICK like a 12% drink normally would. It's got more alcohol than most cheap wines but goes down much easier. The flavor really is the biggest deterrent. That aside...

I had said prior to this that I would judge it on how easy it would be to chug a whole can. Pretty fucking easy. I bet I could do it. I won't, since I do still place a minimal value on my life, but I totally could. That's slightly terrifying. I need another drink...

... Oh MOTHERFUCKER, that's not tasty.

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  1. Gah...die already so we can have something to talk about!