Thursday, October 28, 2010

Countdown to first sip

Alright, barring any setbacks, first sip will be at 11 EST / 8 PST. So far, for prep I've had half a chicken, a quarter of a honey dew melon, some chips and two glasses of iced tea. Good base of protein and sugars with some preparatory hydration.

I did, however, already make the first strategic error of the night. I forgot how chicken gas fat makes me gassy. And no the kind of gas you think. Burpy gassy. Hopefully that passes soon or else it is going to make things real, real interesting.

Right now I'm watching game 2 of the world series (Go Giants!) For those of you who care, I do have some friends on standby just in case I incur some serious injury and can't finish. No one has volunteered to close it out for me in such a case, though. Pussies.

A few items for the game plan. First, I am starting with one can and I'll play it by ear whether I can pull out the double header. I'll open with a sip or two to gather the full bouquet as any good taster would. Then, I'll follow it up with a good, deep chug so I can enjoy the 4-Lok in all its glory. Really looking forward to the pain that will cause.

That's the opening strategy right now. I also will be going with the blue raspberry tonight. If I do go for the second can, I will open the floor to voting. I've got fruit punch, watermelon, lemon lime and cranberry lemonade on deck. Start considering your vote now. Remember, the electoral process is what makes this country so great. America was built on free democracy.

And then, after it was built, we celebrated by crammeing a six pack and two cups of coffee into a can of carbonated Kool-aid. America, FUCK YEAH!

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  1. I vote for cranberry lemonade :)