Thursday, October 28, 2010

Black sheep?

Okay, so, I've had malt liquor before. I've had "good" and "bad" malt liquors. Which is a distinction that sort of escape me but, whatever. I really, strongly dislike malt liquor. It has a disgusting, potent flavor. It also is really hard to drink. I never successfully finished a 40 but, also, in defense of OE, most were started LONG after tequila and beer had impaired anything resembling my greater judgment.

Regardless, I don't make it a point to drink malt liquor anymore. In fact, I make it a point to avoid it. So how does 4-Lok stack up to your standard 40? Well. I mean, I'd rather have 4-Lok than any 40 out there. However, that is hardly a ringing endorsement. It's sort of like choosing a firing squad over hanging. Or watching a Clippers game over a Timberwolves one.

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