Friday, October 29, 2010

Theeeeeeeeeere it is...

Big swing. BIG SWING. Stimulants fading, alcohol hitting hard and making up for lost time. Still don't feel like a .18, but I sure feel over a .10, maybe about a .12. No doubt shit's about to get real.

Oh God, this is going to go on for awhile longer I think. I'll keep blogging for another half hour or so, but something tells me this is going to go on for a bit after that. Sort of waiting for the full effect for a final report but not sure I'll still be able to type when that happens.

Also, the fact I can still type this well is fascinating. Normally, by the time I feel this buzzed, I'm completely unable to type without horrendous typos. Just a little worse than usual right now.

Final evidence I'm still not too fucked: Entertainment Tonight is on and I still find it painfully awful. Thank God.

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