Thursday, October 28, 2010

Impaired to the slightest degree

Update on the effects of the booze. Interesting.

First the taste is less worse. Tolerance to flavor building up. In the short time since my last post, I'm already feeling it more. Harder to focus. Feeling the wooziness more. Something tells me there is going to be a swing soon and it is going to be fast and vicious. Hell of a ride.

Let me take a second to give a general summary so far:

Tastes bad. Some flavors so much worse. Effects are really different from normal booze. Caffeine does offset it. More of a rollercoaster. Overall... sort of like it. Different. Plus it smells good so if I spill it, it will be less offensive.

Whoa, yeah, definite swing coming. Feel it more just in the time of this post. Time to give Mario Kart a whirl before it swing much more. About halfway through the second can...

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