Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chug chug chug goes the choo-choo

Well, that was not a fun experience. Two thoughts:

First, chugging really makes it much, much worse. The only good part of the flavor is the initial settling in when it is sweet and a little gentle. It could almost pass for off-brand fruit soda. It is sweet and enjoyable. It's like the first few weeks of an abusive relationship when the guy still says he loves the girl and buys her flowers and takes her to the movies.

Chugging skips that wonderful honeymoon period and gets right to the yelling and throwing glassware because dinner isn't fucking ready when Four Loko go fucking home. It's like an absolute kick to the face. Also, it does NOT dilute the cough syrup flavor at all, which just sort of festers in the back of your throat. No matter how fast you drink it, it lodges there and mocks you. There is no escaping THAT taste.

Also, it hits the stomach a bit harder, but also a bit shorter. On that end, its a slight improvement. Mixed emotions. Going to try another chug or two eventually. For know though, time to settle into a nice, normal drinking pattern...

Oh and go Giants. Awesome game. So awesome.

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