Thursday, October 28, 2010

Booze Pondering

Since I decided to try Four Loko, reaction has bitterly divided into Four camps or, as I call them, "Four Locales" (see what I did there?) They are as follows:

1) This sounds fucking awesome - These people represent my true friends. The ones who are excited that I am risking my sanity and very life for their amusement. Should this experiment go horribly awry, I can rest assured they will be the first ones on scene to laugh in person and raid my corpse. Love you all.

2) This sounds like a bad idea - These are the cautious people I know. The mature ones who are concerned for my safety. They recognize the very real danger this drink poses and want no harm to befall me. Mostly, these people also don't know me all that well because they think their wisdom might actually keep me from making a horrible decision. Not bloody likely.

3) This is overhyped, I doubt it will do much - Sadly, this probably poses the most factually correct camp. Part of the reason I am doing this is to see if it does, indeed, live up to the hype. I suspect, neigh, fear it may not. If this camp proves right, then I regret to inform you all, there is no kind and loving God for only a cruel God could make something so disappointing.

4) You're a fucking idiot - The largest of the four camps. Represents roughly 95% of the population at large. I'll show them! Wait, no I won't...


  1. #1 all the way! Death by Booze? Awesome!

  2. I totally think its awesome, AND if it wasn't a school night I would join you.... and end up in the gutter